Infinite animation loop found error in Google Ads while uploading ads

Google Ads has several policies which must be accomplished before publishing an Ad.  Animation loop policy is also among one of them.

Sometimes while uploading your ad to Google Ads you might see this error-

Infinite animation loop found – Animations should not loop indefinitely. Set the number of times an animation should repeat.

The reason behind this error is that one of your animation in your banner ad has infinite loop which is repeating again and again with no certain number of times. So you can simply eliminate this error by setting number of loops in the animation. For example – when you create an ad using google web designer you can see this error in Ad Validator panel like this-

infinite loop error in google web designer.


To eliminate this error you just need to check which animation has infinite loop. Like in our case the banner has infinite loop in planner animation which is continuously flying. So you just need to select the appropriate layer like this-

select layer which has infnite loop

Now change infinite loop to limited number of loops by putting number in the text field. See here-

error is eliminated.

Now you can see that Infinite loop error has been eliminated from Ad validator. Now you can successfully upload the banner in Google Ads.



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