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Why choose Adanimate?

It is very simple to understand that when we are going to buy a product we want to know about the reliability of the product and always want to ask why to choose it.

So answer is quite simple, at Adanimate we provide you with ready-made HTML5 banner templates which you can use for your business, your clients or anywhere you want to use.

Our designs are created by our creative team who are working in the filed from years and have huge experience in creating awesome graphics. So we make you assure that you will get industry standard graphics and designs.

Another factor to choose us is that our membership plans are so cheap and affordable that you would never think back to go anywhere for buying any other banner templates. It just starts from $9.

Further, we also add more designs time to time to make assure that our library is up to date and will serve for the betterment of our members.

Can I get refund if I do not want to continue with my membership?

For refund and cancellation of your membership with us kindly read our Terms page.

Can I access all banner templates in any membership plan?

Yes, all banner templates are accessible in all our plans.

Can I upgrade my plan?

You can freely upgrade your membership plan anytime but you cannot downgrade it.

How can I edit banner templates?

This question is quite obvious for many of our members who are new to Google Web Designer tool. For their help our team has created detailed documentation which you can find here-


We have also created detailed video to let our members understand how to edit these banners in Google web designer. You can watch the video here-


Can I edit these banners directly in HTML editor or I can edit these only using Google Web Designer?

All our banner design templates are made using Google Web Designer which is a free tool by Google. You can edit published files of the banner in HTML5, though we don’t recommend you to open and save editable files in any HTML editor. Changing editable files in other tools or editors may damage the files and fail them to edit in GWD.

Can I edit every single element in these banners?

Yes, you can edit anything you want to change in banner. This may include change in text, shapes, colours and animation effects.

Have you used all free images in these banners?

Yes, all the images used in our banners are 100% free. You can use them for individual as well as for commercial purposes

Have you used all free fonts in these banners?

Yes, all the fonts used in these banners are 100% Free Google fonts

Have you optimized all these banner templates for online use?

Yes, all our banner templates are fully optimized for you to use online. Banners are optimized as per the Google Adwords policy i.e. the published files are > 150kb.

What sizes I get for each banner template?

You get 7 standard sizes for each banner template-

  • 336×280 – Large Rectangle
  •  330×250 – Medium Rectangle
  • 200×200 – Square
  • 300×600 – Half Page
  • 160×600 – Skyscraper
  • 728×90 – Leaderboard
  • 468×60 – Banner
Will I get Adobe Photoshop files with banner templates?

Yes, we provide Editable Photoshop files with all our banner templates. These are only available for our Pro Members.

Will you also add more categories in future?

Yes, for sure. We add more categories time to time. We also love to listen from our members and consider their suggestions in order to add new items in future. You can always send your suggestions at [email protected]

What if my membership ends before utilizing all my download limit?

Our basic plan comes with 15 downloads so if your membership expires before utilizing full limit then it will lapse and you will not be able to download any banner further. It will be restored after renewal of your plan.

Can I use these banners for my clients?

Yes, you are free to use our banner templates for your personal use as well as for your clients.

Can I resale these banners?

No, you can only use these banner for you and your clients but you cannot resale these further. Reselling these further is violating our terms.

Do you offer customization?

Yes, we offer customization services here at Ad Animate. We have launched Design on Demand service under which we provide different customization plans. You can choose any plan suitable to your needs in affordable prices.

Can I embed these banners in my website?

Yes, you can easily embed these banners in your website using iframe HTML5 tag. You can use following code-

<iframe src=”path_of_your_banner” width=”160″ height=”600″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Note: Please change width and height accordingly to the banner size you are going to embed.

Will I get creebies?

Creebies are available to all our members and guests. They can buy them anytime. Discount on Creebies are offered to all member levels.

What If my payment is failed?

If due to some reason you are unable to proceed with payment or your payment failed at the time of registration the you can finish your payment by login into your account and following these simple steps-

  1. Go to account page
  2. Click on Subscription Tab
  3. Below Level name header move your mouse over your level
  4. Click on Finish Payment option there.
  5. You will be redirected to payment gateway and then you can finish your payment.
  6. Your account will be activated as soon as we receive your payment.
What is DOD and how this service works?

DOD means Design-On-Demand. Our skilled team of designers and professional developers will create an item that you want. HTML5 banner ads, gif banners, social media graphics, image editing, wordpress thee installation and videos are included in DOD. But not only this, we will add more services soon. Till then, you can drop us your requirement in the section above.

How should I proceed with this service?

First, check out our plans for design on demand service. Then select the service you need and make an order to select service. You can even add various options that we have added as extra ‘addons’ in the respective section of customization service.

I have paid for the customization plan, what’s next?

Once you buy a design on demand package then our team will contact you regarding your order. They may ask you for design details like- logo, text content, images (or any other detail required as per service) if you haven’t provided in the order form. They will remain in touch with you during the customization process to ensure a high quality item.

How revisions will work?

We provide number of revisions included in some plans. Our team will get in touch with you once they come up with your customized item, for your approval. If you feel satisfied, we will send you the files. And in case you find some issues in the design or you want us to make some modifications then you will use revisions. 1 time change means 1 revision.

What if I want a different size other than your size list?

Design on Demand is quite a flexible option for our members and customers. At the time of Choosing plan options, if you do not find any suitable sizes then you can also mention your own custom sizes. You can mention details in ‘Additional Information’ of the plan.

When will you deliver my order?

Once we will get complete material from your side our team will start working on your customization service and will be in touch with you during the customization process. We have already mentioned delivery time in the plan list but it can be changed as per the response received from your side. If you are prompt in replying for queries from our team then they will be able to complete the order in the mentioned time.

How will I get my completed order?

After final approval by your side, we will deliver you files either on your mail or through skype. For bigger files, we may use online tools for transferring files.

Can I get refund if not satisfied?

Once your order is started, you are not eligible for any refund. But in case after multiple revisions you feel unsatisfied by our service, we will give 100% cashback to you.

What material/information I have to provide for my order?

While ordering,  you will find ‘upload files’ option where you can upload all the images in zip format. In case you do not have any material ready, you can sent that directly to [email protected] or our team will contact you directly regarding the material and any information we will require during customization.

What If I don’t have any image to be used in design?

Don’t worry. We will use images at our own discretion to bring your vision to life.
Though we try to use free stock images. But if we find any image that suits your design best and it’s paid, we will recommend you buy that image. If you agree, we will use in your design.

Do you also design graphics for other social media platforms than mentioned?

Yes, we are open for that. You just have to mention any special requirement and we would love to create that for you!

What support includes and how to get it?

Support includes any bug fixing, technical issues and queries solution. For support you can chat with us, write us or directly email to the team at [email protected].
Please note- Support doesn’t include any further customization and installation.

What software or tool you use to design and how can I edit?

We expertise in many softwares and tools. For graphic work we generally use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. For video work we use Adobe Illustrator, Animate, Edge etc. It actually depends on your need.
And as per we design and implement your need, you will get source file of that particular software / tool.

I want a design in other language than English. Is it possible?

Yes, you just have to send the content in whatever language you want. If your content is other than english, it would be great if you can send us it’s English version as it would be easier for our team to understand better.

Who can become an Affiliate?

Anyone who is keen to earn passive income can become an affiliate. People who have good social influence, high traffic blogs or a popular you tube channel can become affiliates and can earn a lot of passive income with very minimum efforts.

How much can an Affiliate earn?

An Affiliate can earn as much as possible. There is no bar to generate income from our affiliate program. You just need to sign up and get your referral link or marketing banners to promote our products and as soon as any sale happens on your behalf you will get instant affiliate commissions.

What are affiliate levels?

Our affiliate program has 3 levels. Each level is achieved on a specific sale amount. Level-1 is achieved as soon as you register on our affiliate system. Level-2 is achieved once your total affiliate commissions reach to 500 USD or more. Level-3 is achieved once you get 1000 USD or more as affiliate income.

What are commission percentage on each level?

Commission percentages are set as below-

Level 1 – 30% commissions on each sale.
Level 2 – 40% commissions on each sale.
Level 3 – 50% commissions on each sale.

What is minimum payout?

Just to encourage our affiliates, we have decided minimum payout to 50 USD.

What are terms & conditions for affiliate program?

You can read all terms & conditions related to our affiliate program here

Do you also provide hosting services?

Yes, feel free to ask our team if you get any questions. We do provide hosting solutions, but you will have to pay additional for that.

What will I get in my order?

We will deliver you high resolution JPG image of the size you ordered. It will be print ready and can be framed easily in the standard frames as per the requirement.

In which format and size I need to send images?

Good question! PNG, JPG or any standard image formats are acceptable.
Preferable image size should be minimum 1024 x 768 pixels. We are not responsible for image quality after printing.

I have not uploaded images at the time of order. Where should I send now?

No problem. If you have not uploaded zip file while ordering, you have to send required number of images on our email at [email protected]

How much time it would take in standard delivery?

Standard delivery means 2-4 business days.

Do you also provide wooden frames?

No, we only deliver printable image of your final design.

Will you also do retouching and add effects in my images?

Yes, if it is required. But we do not do any advance editing and retouching.

What if I send lesser or greater number of images than required in photo frame?

You will have to send minimum number of images used in the design you select. If you wish to send more images then our team will pick the best suited images for your frame.

What if I want to add more images in the frame I choose?

Sorry, we are unable to do that right now. If you want more images, you have to select other frame design from our items.

What if I want to insert an additional message other than provided in the frame design?

Again, we’re sorry! We can not customize this for you at this moment.

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