Edit Groups in Google Web Designer

[vc_video title=”” link=”https://youtu.be/o4lKOg_Ud5I”]

Groups are set of objects which consist of multiple elements. We can use groups to combine different elements inside a single element. For example in banner templates there is Call to action button which usually consists of a shape and a text so we have grouped them together and formed as a group.

We can change text and shape easily by editing a group. Here are some steps showing how to make the desired changes-

  1. Open editable file in Google Web Designer.
  2. There is a layer called “Call-To-Action”. This layer is a group layer.
  3. Now select the group element on the canvas area.
  4. Right click using mouse over this element and choose Edit from the context menu.
  5. Now a separate timeline will appear which will have 2 layers.
  6. Here you can change text by selecting text tool and background color of shape as shown in above video.
  7. Now after making required changes you can exit from group by clicking on the parent element tag.



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