Affiliate Terms & Conditions

1. Joining – Anyone can join affiliate program instantly. There are no specific requirements for joining our affiliate program.

2. Payments – All affiliate payments are subject to final sale without any refund or return. If any return or refund is made then affiliate income from that sale will be void and will be deducted from the affiliate account.

3. Commissions & Minimum Payouts – We are free to change any term regarding commission percentage, minimum payouts, affiliate levels etc any time without any prior notice.

4. Cancellation – Any violation of our policies will result in termination of your affiliate account temporarily or permanently All your balances will also get freeze if we found you guilty of breaking affiliate program terms.

Following might be some possible reasons when our team can decide termination of your affiliate account.

5. Request for Re-activation – In case your account is terminated, you can still request for re-activation. You need to email us at – and our affiliate team will discuss with you in detail. Once they are satisfied, your account might be re-activated with all available balances.