Valentine Photo Frame (VAL005)


08 Images
Personalized love message
Customized & unique design

Available Sizes (horizontal):
Small – 10×8 inches
Medium – 13×10 inches
Large – 16×12 inches
Largest – 22×16 inches

What you get?
High resolution, ready-to-print JPG image

  • Select the frame size you want.

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A love tree with 8 placeholders for your lovely moments. And not only this, dedicate a love message to your beloved with this unique and sweet gift.

Note : Wooden frame & model images used in the preview image is only for display purpose.


What will I get in my order?

We will deliver you high resolution JPG image of the size you ordered. It will be print ready and can be framed easily in the standard frames as per the requirement.

In which format and size I need to send images?

Good question! PNG, JPG or any standard image formats are acceptable.
Preferable image size should be minimum 1024 x 768 pixels. We are not responsible for image quality after printing.

I have not uploaded images at the time of order. Where should I send now?

No problem. If you have not uploaded zip file while ordering, you have to send required number of images on our email at [email protected]

How much time it would take in standard delivery?

Standard delivery means 2-4 business days.

Do you also provide wooden frames?

No, we only deliver printable image of your final design.

Will you also do retouching and add effects in my images?

Yes, if it is required. But we do not do any advance editing and retouching.

What if I send lesser or greater number of images than required in photo frame?

You will have to send minimum number of images used in the design you select. If you wish to send more images then our team will pick the best suited images for your frame.

What if I want to add more images in the frame I choose?

Sorry, we are unable to do that right now. If you want more images, you have to select other frame design from our items.

What if I want to insert an additional message other than provided in the frame design?

Again, we’re sorry! We can not customize this for you at this moment.

How many revisions would be there?

Our team will do revisions till your satisfaction. But this will not include any design modifications. Only your images and text modifications will be done.

Can I get refund if I am not satisfied with the service?

Sorry, no refund policy is there for photo frames. If you still want to contact our team, you can drop us a line at [email protected]

How do you protect my data?

All the images provided by you are safe with us. We make sure that your images won’t be used anywhere else except in your frame design. Your safety is our assurance.


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